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1. Organizer: Palau Athletics
2. Event Consultant:
3. Sponsors: MOFA(Taiwan), Shin Kong Group, Jianghu Run
4. Race Date: Sunday, September 1st, 2024
5. Venue: Civic Center
6. Race Events:
(42.19 5KM)
Half Marathon
(21.0975 KM)
10KM 5KM
Field Size 280 220 280 220
Entry Fee USD50/NTD1650


USD10/NTD330 USD5/NTD165
Eligibility At least 17 years of age (born before 2007) At least 7 years of age (born before 2017) N/A
Cut-off Times 360 Minutes (6 hours) 240 Minutes (4 hours) 80 Minutes 50 Minutes
Arrival Time 01:30 03:30 04:00 04:00
Start Times 02:00 04:00 04:30 04:35
Location Civic Center
Note 1. Due to traffic control, please ensure to arrive at the venue before the race starts in order to avoid any conflicts that may occur regarding the right to enter the race.
2. In consideration of other road users, if the race is not completed within the time limit of the event, participants are required to follow the traffic control personnel and referees’ instructions to board the shag bus when roads reopen to traffic.
3. Those who are not registered for the race, please do not attend.
4. Please be sure that all personal information provided is correct during registration. Entry fees are non-refundable in the event of incorrect personal information. Your right to participate in any of the races on the event day will be denied.
7. Course:
(1) Marathon (42.195KM)
START → Venue at Erngul Park → Main St. → JP Bridge → Main St. → Left Turn towards Turning Point 1 → Left Turn Main St. → Turning Point 2 → JP Bridge → Main St. → Left Turn towards Turning Point 1 → Left Turn Main St. → Turning Point 2 → Venue at Erngul Park → FINISH
(2) Half-Marathon (21.0975KM)
START → Venue at Erngul Park → Main St. → JP Bridge → Main St. → Left Turn towards Turning Point 1 → Left Turn Main St. → Turning Point 2 → Venue at Erngul Park → FINISH
(3) 10KM
START → Venue at Erngul Park → Main St. → JP Bridge → Main St. → Venue at PNCC → FINISH
(4) 5KM
START → Venue at Erngul Park → Main St. → Katy’s Healing Garden → Main St. → Venue at PNCC → FINISH
8. Race Packet and Gift Bag:
Table of Complementary Race Packet
Category Marathon Half Marathon 10KM 5KM

Race Packet

Singlet V V X X
T-Shirt X X V V
Timing Chip
Bib and Pins V V V V

Gift Bag

Finisher's Gifts V V V V
Finisher's Medal V V V V
Meal V V V V
Full Marathon Finisher's T-shirt V X X X
Note: Entrants who fails to pick a size will be given a size M.
Size(CM) S M L XL 2XL 3XL
42KM/21KM Singlet 85CM 94CM 102CM 111CM 120CM X
10KM/5KM T-Shirt 85CM 94CM 102CM 111CM 120CM 130CM
Full Marathon Finisher's T-shirt 85CM 94CM 102CM 111CM 120CM X
  ※For size exchange, please contact CTRRA (02-2585-5659) before 17:00 on July 20th, 2024. No exchange will be available after the deadline.
9. Entry Procedure:
(1) How To Apply
Online registration on CTRRA website ( http://www.sportsnet.org.tw ) only. Application deadline is July 20th, 2024 17:00(GMT+8).
(2) Payment
Payment by MASTERCARD, VISA, and JCB of any amount is accepted. To avoid duplicate payments, please do not double click on the “CONFIRM PAYMENT” button. Once transaction has been successfully completed, payment confirmation detail will be shown. If the credit card being used is declined or when the transaction fails, please contact the credit card company for assistance.
(3) Cancellation Policy
Please notify Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30AM to 12:00PM and 13:30PM to 17:30PM) by Thursday, 20th July for cancellation. Contact number (02)2585-5659. Your refund application will be accepted should there be no conflicts. Refund amount will be 80% of the original payment. No late application for a refund will be accepted. Entry fee is the only fee subject for refund, and any other fee (travel fare, accommodation, etc.) shall not be the responsibility of the organizer.
Date Eligible for Refund Details
Before 7/20 (Thu.) 17:30 YES Refund amount will be 80% of the original payment.
After 7/20 (Thu.) 17:31 NO Application for refund will not be accepted.
(4) Rules
1. Please be sure to carefully assess your health condition before the race. No changes can be done once registration form has been submitted and approved. Eligibility is non-transferrable. In case where you wish to register for another group instead, you may only do so by first requesting for a refund and register again if the group has not reached its limit. For size exchange, please contact CTRRA (02-2585-5659) before 17:00 on July 20th, 2024. No exchange will be available after the deadline.
2. Only those who have fully completed the registration process will be eligible for the race. No plus-ones allowed.
3. All personal information, including gender, are collected by the organizer based on Identification Card (or passport) provided.
4. Photographers and videographers are prohibited from entering the race course without permission.
10. Race Packet Pick-up
(1) Date & Time:August 30th, 2024 (Friday) from 1PM to 5PM & August 31st, 2024 (Saturday) from 1PM to 5PM
(2) Location:Palau Civic Center – 8FRG+CVF, Koror
1. A packet pick-up notice will be sent to you by email from the CTRRA one week before the race date. Please have the notice number along with a photo ID ready with you.
2. If a runner cannot self pick-up, a friend or a family member may pick up the packet by providing the runner’s ID number and the notice number.
3. If you fail to receive a pick-up notice by email from CTRRA, the notice number for pick-ups can also be found on the CTRRA website by searching at the Registration Inquiry section. The number can also be obtained by the help of staff on site by providing your ID number.
4. Entrants whose race packet, for any reason, is not picked up within the time frame shall be withdrawn from the race as runners without a bib are not allowed to enter the course.
11. Cash Prizes and Award:
Note: Cash prizes will be issued after deducting the relevant tax amount according to the local tax law of Palau.
Rank Marathon Men / Women Half Marathon Men / Women
1st Place USD 2,000
USD 1,000
Runner Up USD 1,500 USD 500
3rd Place USD 1,000 USD 250
4th Place USD 750 X
5th Place USD 500 X
(1) Please have your race bib and a photocopy of your ID ready with you when claiming your prize. All prize winners shall pick-up and claim their prizes prior to the closing time of 10AM on the day of the race event or else their prizes will be regarded as forfeited.
(2) All runners who completed the marathon and half-marathon within the required time limit will be given a finishers medal and a towel (violators are not included). Official race results shall be posted and announced on the CTRRA website three days after the day of competition (www.sportsnet.org.tw). As part of the global effort in conserving natural resources and protecting the environment, race completion certificates will not be mailed but instead each participant will be able to download their race completion certificates from the CTRRA website. Only those who completed their race within the required time limit will be issued race completion certificates. Please be sure to provide your correct email account at registeration to ensure that you will be able to download the race completion certificate.
12. Chip Timing:
(1) 2024 Belau Omal Marathon adopts a chip timing system to record the finish time. As the timing chip is disposable, there is no deposit needed. Detailed instructions on how to fasten and use the chip will be provided beforehand. Should you need further assistance on how to use your chip, officials and volunteers at the race site will be available to assist.
All chip times and results of the competition events will be displayed on the official website.
(2) Per International Association of Athletics Foundation(WA) regulations (Article19.24.5), starting pistol times shall be used to for calculating the race times as well as for the placing results.
(3) No exchanging of chips, wearing another person’s chip or wearing more than one chip will be permitted and any such violation will disqualify you from the race.
(4) Please be sure that your chip is fastened properly and to step on the chip timing mats located along the course route while running your race.
(5) Please take your own ability into account from the start and give priority to faster runners by allowing them to line up in front of you.
(6) The CTRRA has the right to forfeit or discard any results in which participants have not crossed the starting line within 10 minutes after the race has officially started.
13. Violations:
(1) Competitors who commit the following violations listed below will have their races results disqualified from the competition
1. Illegally receiving drink or food from another party (you may only receive drink or food provided by the organizers).
2. Not wearing a bib number which matches with the race timing chip, or not following the instructions for fastening the chip on your shoe.
3. Not having a chip time recorded at the starting mat, finishing mat or other chip time-checking points.
4. Not complying with the race official's instructions.
5. Not wearing the racing bib number in the front area of the chest.
6. Using in-line skates, skateboards or any other rolling devices, etc. on the race course.
7. Bringing a pet (dog or cat) on the race course.
8. Improper usage of the race timing chip (please follow the instructions for fastening your chip).
(2) Competitors who commit the following violations listed below will have their results disqualified from the race and will be banned from participating in 2024 Belau Omal Marathon :
1. Receiving assistance from another person or party during the competition.
2. Using false ID information during registration.
3. Violating the spirit of the activity event (causing a disturbance or insulting officials and staff, etc.).
4. Having a substitute or non-registered runner to run on behalf of you during the race competition. Once verified in which someone else is using your identity to run the race, then besides being disqualified from the race banned from participating in 2024 Belau Omal Marathon, the violators' identities and photos will also be publicly announced on related websites.
14. Disputes:
(1) Competition disputes: during the race competition, competitors may not dispute the referees and officials.
(2) Dispute procedure: any dispute concerning the competition should be brought to the organizers attention within ten minutes after finishing the race and at the same time a deposit of USD$100 must be submitted. If the judges of the review committee concludes that the dispute is not justified, the USD$100 deposit shall not be returned.
15. Terms and Conditions
(1) Bag Storage:
1. Do not check any electronic devices, valuables, fresh food, umbrellas, or dangerous goods.
2. Although we will do our best to ensure that your baggage is safely stored, we are not responsible for lost items and/or bags
3. Bag drop-off and pick-up times:
(2) Safety:
1. The organizers will take into consideration all factors such as typhoons and other possible natural disasters for ensuring the safety of all participants. If the race is cancelled due to safety reasons, participants do not have the right to protest such decision, and registrants will be entitled to a 70% refund of the registration fee.
2. Referees and doctors on site have the right to stop any runner from continuing depending on his/her physical condition, road safety, etc.
(3) Please bring your ID information with you at the race event.
(4) All participants are expected to be in good health condition to register for the race events. Do not register if there are health concerns such as heart diseases etc. The organizers will not be held responsible for persons concealing such conditions.
(5) Runners participating in the race events will be using the timing chip for recording their respective times. Please follow the instructions on how to use the chip and fasten it to your shoe properly. The CTRRA will not be responsible for improper or faulty usage of the chip. Remember, no chip, no time!
(6) Please look after your bib number and chip after checking in. Lost chips will not be replaced. Runners without a number and chip will not be permitted to enter the race course route.。
(7) The organizers reserve the right to publish or broadcast any video, photographs or other types of materials recorded at this event for the purpose of reporting and promoting its activities.
(8) Runners who are participating on behalf of another individual or as a transferee shall be responsible for joint liability of insurance claims if an accident occurs.
(9) The route and the supply stations along the course are specially permitted for the purpose of the race. In order to maintain the quality of the race and protect the right of the registered runners, those without a bib are prohibited from entering the track
(10) Please read the regulations carefully and strictly follow them. The content of the regulations is subject to the interpretation of the organizers and CTRRA, who reserve the right of final interpretation and modification.
The organizers have the copyright for all the photo images, video images and the race results of 2023 Belau Omal Marathon.
For inquiries, please contact CTRRA by e-mail: service@sportsnet.org.tw
Liability and Insurance:
Runners participating in the race are to take good care of their health before the event.
The Organizer does not offer insurance to participants. The provision of insurance of any type (medical, injury, liability for damage, travel, etc.) is the responsibility of the event Participant. Possible costs for treatment, hospitalization, damage caused and the like shall be borne by the Participant.
The Organizer takes no responsibility for damage to property or health associated with travel, stay and participation of racers in the events. It is the responsibility of a Participant to undergo a relevant health examination prior to the start and to obtain information about his or her own health status in association with the decision to participate in any POM discipline. Each Participant starts at the Palau Omal Marathon at his or her own responsibility.
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